Ekadashi belongs to Immortal of Immortals, Lord Vishnu. It is the most pious day to get the liberty of your all sins, no matter what. Devote could be free from the influences of malefic planets, gain happiness & peace of mind. Up above all, devotee can get enlightenment (मोक्ष) as well by having this fast. He will be full of Spiritual feel after having this fast. But devotee must have to be very careful while during this fast. Doing any sort of small mistake during the fast is equivalent to an offence. On the contrary, if someone does it with pure mind and devotion, he could achieve the impossible. He can get whatever he is willing to (including the Enlightenment /Moksha), which is everyone’s wish and objective of every human being. As per my understanding, it is the best Vedic Fast, which is, i am known to.


Who is Ekadashi?

In the golden age, Lord Vishnu was engaged in a battle with demon, known as Mura. While fighting Lord Vishnu started feeling sleepy and decided to rest from the long battle. However, mura wanted to kill the Lord while sleeping. Then a young girl, appeared from the body of the Lord, who killed the demon. This girl was the Mahasakti itself. Since she came on 11th day (ekadashi) of the waning moon, Narayana gave her a name as Ekadashi. He granted her the boon that whosoever will fast on Ekadashi, will be free from all sin and may get rid of birth cycles.

When it Happens?

As per our Vedic Calender (Lunar/Moon), One Lunar month have approx 27 lunar day and each day is known as Tithi i.e. One Lunar day. We have divided the 27 lunar days in two parts. First, in which Moon size grows and light increase on earth day by day. It is known as Waning (Shukla Paksh). Second, in which Moon size decreases and moon light fades day by day. It is known as Waxing (Krishna Paksh). On 11th tithi (lunar day) (ekadashi) of each phase (Krishna and Shukla paksh), we celebrate Ekadashi. We have total 26 Ekadashi in a Year.

We have following 26 Ekadashi, two in each paksha:

Vedic (Lunar)       Krishna paksha     Shukla paksha
 (चैत्र, April–May) Papamochani  Kamada
(वैशाख, May–June ) Varuthini  Mohini
 (ज्येष्ठ, June–July)   Apara Nirjala
 (आषाढ, July–August)  Yogini Shayani
(श्रावण, August–September) Sridhar  Kamika    Shravana Putrada Ekadashi
(भाद्रपद, September–October) Aja Ekadashi  Parsva
(अश्विन्, October–November) Indira Ekadashi Paapankushaa Ekadashi
(कार्तिक, November–December) Rama Ekadashi Devutthana Ekadashi / Prabodhini Ekadashi
(मार्गशीर्ष, December–January)  Utpanna Ekadashi Mokshada
 (पौष, January–February) Saphala Pausha Putrada Ekadashi
(माघ, February–March)  Shat Tila Jaya
 (फाल्गुन, March–April)  Vijaya Ekadashi Amalaki
Adhika month
(अधिक, once in 2–3 years)  Parama Ekadashi     Padmini Ekadashi














Rules of Ekadashi

Ekadashi fast starts from Sunrise to next day sunrise. However, the rule depends on community to community. There are different Brahmin categories that have different constraints. Even though, devotee must brush before sleep (on prior night of Ekadashi), so that even a bit of food piece should not be left in mouth on ekadashi day. As per my knowledge, few of the common rules, which must be followed, are mentioned below. If reader observes any are of improvement, suggestions are always welcome. The devotee should wake up early in the morning and take bath. Clean clothes are to be worn on this day. After this, worship of Lord Vishnu is to be done by incense sticks, flowers, and fruits.

Sleeping in the day/night is not allowed. One should also avoid committing any sinful acts and should not speak lie. Chanting of Lord Vishnu should go on during the day & night as much as possible. On the next day of ekadashi, Do worship of Vishnu and read ekadashi katha. When we enter the 12th lunar day(dwadshi), we will have to wait for Hari Vasara to be over for breaking the fast. Hari Vasara is first one fourth duration of Dwadashi Tithi, in this we are not allowed to break our fast. But once Hari Vasara is over, we must take food after Prayer. The timings of Hari vasara gets changed, so be careful. If we don’t open our fast after Hari vasara, it is as well an Offence/sin.

Foods allowed during the Fast

  • Any sort of fruits
  • Milk
  • Potatoes
  • Olives
  • Rock Salt (sainda namak)
  • Ginger
  • Pepper
  • Sugar

Foods which are not allowed during the Fast

  • Any type of grains, Moong (green grams), wheat, barley, gram, and Urad
  • Salt
  • Yogurt
  • Onion, Rice is strictly prohibited. Even the other family members should avoid having these on this day, no matter if they are on the fast or not.


“ॐ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय”


“Vishnu Sahasra-naam”


Ekadashi Schedule (in 2020)

Please click below on the link to know more about specific Ekadashi

12            Jan            Shattila Ekadashi

(Tithi Starts - 19:10 on 11/Jan/2018 & Ends - 21:22 on 12/Jan/2018. Parana Time between - 07:19 to 09:23 on 13th)

27            Jan            Jaya Ekadashi

(Tithi Starts - 11:14 on 27/Jan/2018 & Ends - 08:27 on 28/Jan/2018. Parana Time between - 13:37 to 15:45 on 28th)

11           Feb            Vijaya Ekadashi

(Tithi Starts -  14:44 on 10/Feb/2018 & Ends - 17:24 on 11/Feb/2018. Parana Time between - 07:06 to 09:17on 12th)

26           Feb            Amalaki Ekadashi

(Tithi Starts - 20:09 on 25/Feb/2018 & Ends - 17:29 on 26/Feb/2018. Parana Time between - 06:52 to 09:09 on 27th)

31 Mar, 1 Apr           Papmochani Ekadashi

(Tithi Starts - 03:23 AM on Mar 31, 2019 -  & Ends - 06:04 AM on Apr 01, 2019. Parana Time between - 01:39 PM to 04:07 PM on 1st Apr. , 06:14 AM to 08:38 AM on 2nd Apr.)

15, 16          Apr            Kamada Ekadashi

(Tithi Starts -  07:08 AM on Apr 15, 2019  & Ends - 04:23 AM on Apr 16, 2019. Parana Time between - 01:38 PM to 04:10 PM on 16th Apr, 05:58 AM to 08:31 AM on 17th Apr.)

17            Apr            Varuthini Ekadashi

(Tithi Starts - 10:04 PM on Apr 29, 2019 & Ends - 12:18 AM on May 01, 2019. Parana Time between - 06:44 AM to 08:22 AM on May 1)

3             May            Mohini Ekadashi

(Tithi Starts -  12:59 PM on May 14, 2019 & Ends - 10:36 AM on May 15, 2019. Parana Time between - 05:34 AM to 08:15 AM on 16)

18            May            Apara Ekadashi

(Tithi Starts - 12:41 PM on May 17, 2020 & Ends - 03:07 PM on May 18, 2020. Parana Time between - 05:32 AM to 08:14 AM on 19)

02           Jun            Nirjala Ekadashi

(Tithi Starts - 02:56 PM on Jun 01, 2020 & Ends - 12:04 PM on Jun 02, 2020. Parana Time between - 05:27 AM to 08:12 AM on 3rd)

17            Jun             Yogini Ekadashi

(Tithi Starts - 05:39 AM on Jun 16, 2020 & Ends - 07:49 AM on Jun 17, 2020. Parana Time between -05:28 AM to 08:13 AM on 18)

01            Jul              Devshayani Ekadashi

(Tithi Starts - 07:49 PM on Jun 30, 2020 & Ends - 05:29 PM on Jul 1, 2020. Parana Time between - 05:32 AM to 08:17 AM on 2nd)

16              Jul            Kamika Ekadashi

(Tithi Starts -  10:19 PM on Jul 15, 2020 & Ends - 11:44 PM on Jul 17, 2020. Parana Time between - 05:56 AM to 08:22 AM on 17)

30            Jul            Shravana Putrada Ekadashi

(Tithi Starts - 01:15 AM on Jul 30, 2020 & Ends - 11:49 PM on Jul 30, 2020. Parana Time between - 05:46 AM to 08:27 AM on 31)

15           Aug            Aja Ekadashi

(Tithi Starts - 02:01 PM on Aug 14, 2020 & Ends - 02:19 PM on Aug 15, 2020. Parana Time between - 05:55 AM to 08:31 AM on 16)

29           Aug            Parivartini Ekadashi

(Tithi Starts - 08:37 AM on Aug 28, 2020 & Ends - 08:16 AM on Aug 29, 2020. Parana Time between -06:02 AM to 08:21 AM  on 30)

13           Sep            Indira Ekadashi

(Tithi Starts -  04:13 AM on Sep 13, 2020 & Ends - 03:15 AM on Sep 14, 2020. Parana Time between - 01:30 PM to 03:56 PM on 14)

27            Sep            Padmini Ekadashi

(Tithi Starts - 06:59 AM on Sep 26, 2020 & Ends - 07:45 PM on Sep 27, 2020. Parana Time between - 06:16 AMto 08:38 AM on 28)

13            Oct            Parama Ekadashi

(Tithi Starts -  04:38 PM on Oct 12, 2020 & Ends - 02:35 PM on Oct 13, 2020. Parana Time between - 06:25 AM to 08:42 AM on 14)

27           Oct            Papankusha Ekadashi

(Tithi Starts - 08:59 AM on Oct 26,  2020 & Ends - 10:46 AM on Oct 27. Parana Time between - 06:34 AM to 08:46 AM on 28)

11              Nov          Rama Ekadashi

(Tithi Starts - 03:22 AM on Nov 11, 2020 & Ends - 12:40 AM on Nov 12, 2020. Parana Time between -  06:46 AM to 08:53 AM on 12)

26            Nov            Devutthana Ekadashi

(Tithi Starts - 02:42 AM on Nov 26, 2020 & Ends - 05:10 AM on Nov 26 2020)

11            Dec            Utpanna Ekadashi

(Tithi Starts - 12:50 PM on Dec 10, 2020 & Ends - 10:03 AM on Dec 11, 2020)

25            Dec             Mokshada Ekadashi

(Tithi Starts - 11:16 PM on Dec 24, 2020 & Ends - 01:53 AM on Dec 26, 2020. Parana Time between -08:30 AM to 09:19 AM on 26)


ॐ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय

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