Desease (RBS, Iron, Hemoglobin Low)

While doing consultation, few times, i came across with few charts where Ladies observe to be having low Hemoglobin, iron deficiency & low RBS count due to excessive bleeding (owing to menstrual or stress). Which resulted in feeling very low, anxiety  and loosing self confidence. Generally it happens due to huge stress and inappropriate environment (office or work). They should always avoid any type of arguments & criticism and closely look at their diet chart and life style. Also, they should have a close look at their charts to know, which planet could be causing this issue.

Symptoms Leads to:

This could lead to Anemia, Depression/anxiety attack. Actually low Hemoglobin, a protein within red blood cells, carries oxygen to the tissues. When the hemoglobin level decreases, it results in anemia. Typical symptoms include fatigue and shortness of breath. Sudden or severe anemia can lead to paleness, heart failure and could be fatal. A low hemoglobin can result from decreased production or increased destruction of red blood cells, bone marrow problems, or acute or chronic blood loss.

Example Anemia Report for Chart1:


Chart 1 (Vinshotri Dasha [Saturn-Mars] from 5 April 2015 to 14 May 2016):


Chart 2 (Vinshotri Dasha [Saturn-Jup-Mars & Saturn-Jup-Rahu] from 30 Dec 2014 to 10 July 2015):


Astrological Reasons:

If i try to summaries it briefly, the main planets who are involved in this sort of event, are Moon, Mars, Rahu, 7th & 8th Lord & house (from Ascendant and Moon).

if we look in chart 1, Mars, which is 2nd & 7th lord (from asc) (and 6th from moon) is placed in 8th house, placed with Ketu and aspected by Rahu.

In chart 2, Mars is 2nd and 6th lord from Moon, placed (exalted) in 2nd House with Rahu. Also, 8th house in both the charts are very much afflicted.

Astrological Remedies (specific to these charts only):

  • Satanaja Daan
  • Offer 400 gm gud + til ki revadi on Tuesday evening (4 consecutive Tuesday)
  • Going to Hanuman Temple every tuesday
  • Donating Red Flag in temple
  • Offering Water & rice to Moon

General Remedies:

Luckily, there are some things you can do to enhance your body’s absorption of iron. For starters, eat leafy green vegetables, sprouted (e.g. breads, grains).

I also recommended including a source of vitamin C with meals. The acidity of the vitamin converts iron in food to a form that’s readily absorbed. Excellent sources of vitamin C include citrus fruits, mangoes, strawberries, bell peppers, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and tomato sauce.

If you’re a tea drinker, drink it between rather than during meals. Or add a little milk or lemon to your cup of tea.

And the Most important is, have full confidence in yourself. :)

Thanks for reading. Readers suggestions are always welcome!!!

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I love this site very much especially that Mohenjodaro one
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A wonderful person with simple remedies and advice .
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A wonderful person with simple remedies and advice .
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